I study how data stewardship and analysis can impact community governance.

Right now, I'm focused on how algorithmic management is changing the reality of work, how data stewardship and participatory design can help create alternate working futures, and on the data rights of platform workers.

🔥 job update 🔥

Very excited to announce that in 2023, I'll be joining Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy as a Postdoctoral Fellow, working primarily with Andres-Monroy Hernandez. In 2024, I'll be joining Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology as an Assistant Professor in Human-Centered AI.

I'm looking for two PhD students to join my new group at Penn State in 2024. If you're interested in working on the future of workers rights, data stewardship, or participatory AI, please reach out!

Research Areas

Data Rights as Labor Rights

While workplaces are increasingly quantified and surveilled, normative and legal notions of data privacy conflict with property, trade secret, and IP law in ways that limit worker data access.

Data Tools For Workers

In a working reality that is increasingly algorithmically managed, workers, researchers, and advocates need tools to manage data and develop alternate algorithmic futures.

Corporate Surveillance of the Commons

Amazon Ring is the US's fastest-growing private surveillance network. Where is it, how do people use it, and what should we do about it?

Urban Segregation and Mobility Behavior

Economic and racial Segregation are structural and emergent phenomena, created by institutional processes and individual behavior alike. How can we measure and change the segregation in cities across the globe?