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A map I made as part of an ongoing research project to understand how communities surveil themselves was featured in a piece in Gizmodo by Dell Cameron and Dhruv Mehrotra. Also covered in Cory Doctorow's newsletter.


Dec. 2019

A mixed-media exhibition I created as part of our Atlas of Inequality project was exhibited for a month in the National Museum of China. It featured four large-format prints and an interactive exhibit.

National Museum of China

Oct. 2019

This year I'll be hosting a session at MozFest on the location data market, and how the use of "private" location data for public good is a bit problematic. We'll also be brainstorming alternate data governance mechanisms!


Oct. 2019

I testified alongside Gabriel Teninbaum, EPIC Policy Director Caitriona Fitzgerald, MIT Researcher Karthik Dinakar, and ACLU's incredible Kade Crockford, among others.

MA Statehouse

Sep. 2019